Engage Parents as Integral
Members of the Care Team

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Real-time Care Updates.
Impact Outcomes.

One-way PatientConnect allows care teams to easily share one-way patient updates and memorable moments with real-time texts, pictures, and recorded videos. The Solution supports the care team’s workflows by reducing interruptions from parents calling the unit and engages parents as essential members of the care team.

Benefits for Hospitals

  • Increase satisfaction scores.
  • Continuity and consistency of communication with parents are enhanced.
  • Disruptive phone calls are reduced.
  • Care teams can set how long messages are available to parents, including up to 90 days post-discharge.
  • Messages automatically erase after 24hrs or may be available for the duration of the patient’s stay or up to 90 days post-discharge. 
  • No prescheduling required.
  • Complete reporting and analytics are available.

With PatientConnect’s reporting feature, nurse leaders can easily view a report of all messages sent during a specified time period. This is a great way to recognize nurses who embrace the technology to ensure consistent communication with parents which can reduce workflow interruptions.

Return on Your Investment
AngelEye Partner’s Real Result

PatientConnect improved communication with parents in one NICU from 45% percent to 82%, and 80% of users were either neutral or agreed that the AngelEye Solution made communication easy and efficient.

Benefits for Parents

PatientConnect gives parents consistent communication from the care team, providing greater transparency into the child’s care plan and progress, as well as memorable moments so important to parents.

  • On-the-go access offers flexible viewing.
  • The app includes video message replay options.
  • Push notifications alert parents when new messages are delivered.

We Take Security Seriously

We know that the security of the systems and data in your hospital is one of your highest priorities. AngelEye is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of all electronically protected health information (ePHI) for our hospital partners. We maintain compliance and proactively address information security and mitigate risk.

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