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Provide the safest, most cost-effective end-to-end Feeding Management Solution

With MilkTracker, “milk management” in the NICU goes beyond simply verifying the right feed matches the right patient. Our solution enhances safety throughout the entire feeding process, engages families, supports lactation, and helps to reduce errors and save money through its parent-facing app.        

MilkTracker makes the feeding process safer for patients, more efficient for staff, and more engaging for families.

Care Team App

  • Seamlessly integrates into any EHR (BMDI).
  • Automated data entry of feeding and fortification statistics, lot numbers, and more.
  • Assign and track parent education and resources.

The MilkTracker Difference

  • Expert clinician on-site to assess current workflows and perform gap analysis.
  • Clinical collaboration creating customized application workflows to meet the facility’s needs.
  • Reliable, on-going 24/7 tech support.
  • Breast milk preparation and feeding error reduction.
  • Clinicians save significant time typically spent on inventory, preparation, and administration.
  • Robust and customizable tracking, auditing, and user trends.