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MilkTracker | AngelEye Health

The safest, most comprehensive end-to-end Milk Scanning & Feeding Management Solution

With MilkTracker, “milk management” in the hospital setting goes beyond simply verifying the right feed matches the right patient. Our solution enhances safety throughout the entire feeding process, engages families, supports lactation through its parent-facing app, and helps to reduce errors and save money.

MilkTracker makes the feeding process safer for patients, more efficient for staff, and more engaging for families.

The MilkTracker Difference

  • Breast milk preparation and feeding error reduction.
  • Expert clinician on-site to assess current workflows and perform gap analysis.
  • Clinical collaboration ensures application workflows support unit needs.
  • Reliable, ongoing 24/7 tech support.
  • Clinicians save significant time typically spent on inventory, preparation, and administration.
  • Robust and customizable tracking, auditing, and user trends.

Choosing a Milk Scanning and Management System can be overwhelming. Make sure you get all the information you need to make the right decision for your unit.

We’ve developed a comprehensive checklist to help you evaluate options.


Milk Scanning and Inventory Management App

Keep your patients safe from feeding-related errors while empowering your staff with the most efficient technology on the market. Nurses, milk technicians, and clinical leadership can manage human milk and formula with the peace-of-mind that you’re safely making the most of every drop.

  • Prevent misadministration through every step of human milk handling.
  • Prepare feeds more accurately with built-in recipe calculators. 
  • Seamlessly integrate into any EHR (BMDI) with automated data flow.
  • Maximize milk inventory with at-a-glance supply and expiration insights.
  • Track donor milk and human-milk-derived fortifiers per industry best practices.
  • Assign and track parent education and resources.

Parent App

Engage your families in the feeding process and support their breastfeeding goals all from one easy home screen. 

MilkTracker’s parent app offers mothers the tools they need to have informed ownership in milk management and makes for a truly closed-loop system. 


  • Reports & Analytics
    Parents and staff can easily track milk supply trends and inventory levels for educated encouragement of mothers' own milk production.
  • Milk Messages
    Two-way communication between lactation staff and parents supports families in meeting their breastfeeding goals.
  • OnlineEducation™
    Empowers and informs families with customized, mobile education supporting breast milk production and breastfeeding, accessible up to 90 days post-stay.
  • PatientConnect™
    Enable clinicians to share important information and support their feeding journey with secure, one-way text (in over 100 languages), photo, and video communication anywhere, any time.
The Value of MilkTracker
Enhance patient experiences

- Encourages family participation in baby’s feeding plan
- Supportive communication between lactation staff and families, including inventory notifications

Reduce costs
& expenses

- Lowers expenses on staff time, quality oversight, and error/risk litigation
- Reduces donor milk cost by supporting mother’s own milk production

Improve Provider Worklife

- Streamlines workflows through bar code scanning and easy-to-read labels
- Enables efficient communication between providers and patients

Improve Population Health

- Aims to eliminate feeding & preparation errors
- Supports more infants receiving the benefits of mother’s own milk

We Take Security Seriously

We know that security of the systems and data in your hospital is one of your highest priorities. AngelEye is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of all electronic protected health information (ePHI) for our hospital partners. We maintain compliance and proactively address information security and mitigate risk.

EHR Integration
Identity Management
End-To-End Encryption

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