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A Milk Safety for Preemies Primer: Keeping Your Most Vulnerable Patients Safe

NICU clinicians know that milk is “medicine” for their littlest patients. Breast milk is considered an integral part of medical care for premature babies. Despite the protection human milk offers, feeding NICU patients still involves risk. While safety matters when feeding children of any age, for premature infants, the stakes are much higher.

Redefining Milk Management in the Neonatal Intensive Care Environment

As feeding management sees more scrutiny, hospitals face nursing challenges, including staff shortages and burnout. Nurses must still deliver top-notch care despite scarce resources. With this in mind, we discuss implementing a feeding management system that supports safety and efficiency, giving staff and hospitals an impactful force multiplier.

A Primer for Lactation Success in The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Logging breast milk pumping sessions in a mobile app marries evidence-based recommendations for enhancing milk production with the convenience of modern technology. Apps that empower parents to log milk and then allow their clinical teams to securely monitor their trends present a significant opportunity for improving breastfeeding outcomes.