Family Engagement Technology for Hospitals

NICUs & Pediatric Departments

Foundation Support Creates Meaningful Connections


The need for family engagement technology in the NICU has never been more relevant. Visitation restrictions during COVID highlighted the need for remote access to patients and care teams. Growing instances of security breaches require HIPAA-complaint solutions to mitigate the risk. Patient and family demands for easier, more immediate access to care information put pressure on staff who are tasked with caring for patients, yet still meeting families’ needs.

Those factors and more make the addition and expansion of family and tele-engagement technology a hot commodity.

We know the struggles our hospital partners face to afford NICU cameras, remote communication, and other engagement technology. Much-needed technology that connects care teams to families; but it’s not always a top priority on the funding list. We know it’s an uphill battle to justify more money for live-steaming video, remote learning resources, consistent and secure messaging of patient updates, feeding management, and more.

We’re here to help.