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The need for new technology in the NICU has never been more relevant. Visitation restrictions, security threats, and lack of access to patient updates now impact hospitals across the country.

We know the struggles our hospital partners face to afford NICU cameras, remote communication, and other tele-engagement technology. Much-needed technology that can connect care teams to families; but it’s not always a top priority on the funding list. We know it’s an uphill battle to justify more money for live-steaming video, remote learning resources, consistent and secure messaging of patient updates, feeding management, and more.

Now, we have two ways to help.

SuperHero “Angel” Grants...because those born small are almost always destined to do BIG things!

We’ve partnered with the SuperHero Foundation to offer a grant program that will allow hospitals across the country to apply for funding for technology needs in their NICU.

The SuperHero Project and AngelEye Health are expanding on their shared history and vision of supporting the families of preemies and the care teams so critical to achieving the best possible outcomes. We’re teaming up to raise funds so parents and the teams responsible for providing care can stay connected when families can’t be at the hospital.

Supporting our Hospital Partners. Foundation Resources

Many hospital partners rely on their staff, parents, marketing departments, and foundations to raise funds for AngelEye NICU Cameras and our other TeleEngagement Solutions. We know that fundraising can be challenging and time-consuming. To ease the process, we’ve created The AngelEye Fundraising Resource Guide to help you reach your fundraising goals. Thank you in advance for all your hard work. We hope this guide equips you with the tools that you need for a successful fundraising campaign.

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