The first evidence-based NICU navigation & discharge coordination solution to support families and care teams.

Introducing NICU2Home

AngelEye Health’s NICU2Home Solution redefines NICU navigation and discharge coordination, leveraging the power of your EHR and cultivating confident families. Experience a new era of seamless support for families and clinicians throughout the NICU stay and help them safely transition from the NICU to home.

The Current Discharge Reality

  • Parents forget or misremember 80% of care instructions
  • 15% – 37% of NICU infants require readmission within one year
  • Parental education is concentrated in the 48-72 hours prior to discharge

The Power to Impact Outcomes

Benefits for Clinicians

  • Proactively identify and support at-risk families
  • Improve staff efficiency & save staff time
  • Reduce readmission rates
  • Decrease cost by reducing length of stay

Benefits for Parents

  • Improve health outcomes
  • Enhance continuity in communication & care
  • Increase parental confidence & competence
  • Improve engagement

How We’re Different

Dynamic Roadmap: Guiding The NICU Journey

A visual guide that integrates physiologic milestones and family tasks empowering parents with a clear understanding of the NICU journey.

Surveys: Tailoring Care Through Feedback

Automated, adaptable assessments inform real-time, personalized care adjustments and clinical feedback to enhance outcomes and satisfaction.

Education and Resource Delivery: Streamlining Family Readiness

Automated education delivery synchronized with the baby’s health journey, improving staff efficiency while empowering families.

Align Schedules: Optimizing Clinical Care & Staff Efficiency

Enhances team collaboration and boosts clinical productivity, enabling precise planning of visits and care activities.

Secure Messaging: Enhancing NICU Communication

Real-time updates and diverse communication options in the family’s preferred language and modality foster informed, engaged families, saving clinicians’ time.

Data Visualization: Delivering Insights

Displays EHR data as clear, accessible graphs with straightforward definitions to enable parents to grasp their child’s status and progress easily.

NICU2Home Delivers Real Results

Data from 169 families in 3 NICUs found that the App helped:


Better understood their baby’s progress


Were more confident caring for their baby


Made fewer calls to the NICU for updates


Understood the care their baby received


Spent less time searching the internet

National Perinatal Association
Discharge Guidelines

Built on a Strong Foundation

AngelEye is pleased to partner with some of the industry’s leading organizations to advance our shared vision of improving the lives of NICU care teams and the families we all serve. These partners are instrumental in the development of our new discharge coordination solution.


Keeping your system running is our top priority.

At AngelEye Health, you’re not an afterthought. You’re our only thought because we understand that both staff and parents rely on AngelEye’s solutions to be available when they need them. Our US-based support team delivers unparalleled service and is ready to help when you or your families need assistance.

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Unparalleled Response Times

We strive to respond to every service request within 24 hours. Our actual average response time is 1.7 hours! 

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Timely Ticket Completion

Our goal is to close tickets within 72 hours. Our actual average time to close a ticket is 12.3 hours!

We Take Security Seriously

We know that the security of the systems and data in your hospital is one of your highest priorities. AngelEye is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of all electronically protected health information (ePHI) for our hospital partners. We maintain compliance and proactively address information security and mitigate risk.

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