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NICU Technology Solutions

More than 120 hospital partners in 27 states

On average, parents log in 5+ times per day

Parents average 3.5 minutes per visit

NICU CameraSystem | AngelEye Health

Our state-of-the-art bedside CameraSystem™ brings live-streaming video of the patient to parents and family members anywhere, anytime, on any connected device.

MilkTracker | AngelEye Health

MilkTracker is the safest, most comprehensive effective end-to-end Milk Scanning & Feeding Management Solution available today.

Online Education | AngelEye Health

Our robust OnlineEducation solution houses original or licensed content organized in a flexible folder structure. The portal can be customized to meet your families' needs and allow staff to assign education and monitor progress toward discharge.

PatientConnect | AngelEye Health

Our HIPAA-compliant one-way communication app PatientConnect allows care teams to easily engage parents with timely information about their child, sharing patient status and memorable moments with real-time texts, pictures, and recorded videos.

Data Behind The Decision

When you’re evaluating and advocating for new technology – having data on the benefits for staff, patients and families can make building the case easier and more efficient. Our Clinical Advisors and Clinical Advisory Board stay abreast of the latest research to bring you the information you need.